IMPORTANT Notice: Parking in Bridgeford Oaks

Recently a Notice was sent to Every Homeowner in Bridgeford Oaks regarding Parking. 

Summary is as follows: 

  1. No Parking on Streets within the Community 
  2. No Parking on Sidewalks 
  3. No Parking on Lot outside of the Driveway
  4. No Commercial Vehicles 

Please only park permitted vehicles in your Garage or on your Driveway.  THANK YOU!

Detail of the Notice Sent:

Your association Board of Directors has been observing the accumulation of automobiles and commercial vehicles parked/stored within the community’s Right of Way and on owner’s properties. This condition can cause safety issues by hindering emergency vehicle access and obstructing line of site to the detriment of pedestrians and children at play.

In ARTICLE VII GENERAL COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS – SECTION 7. (PAGE #29) of the DECLARATIONS AND COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS of BRIDGEFORD OAKS states that, “No vehicle shall be parked or stored on any Lot, sidewalk, public or private right-of-way within the property, public street, or any portion of the Common Area.

The covenant also goes on to describe and define what type of vehicle, as in a “permitted vehicle” can be parked in the driveway of the residences. “Permitted vehicles” are passenger automobiles, vans and pickup trucks that have no signage nor are they used for commercial enterprise.  There are other restrictions as well, but the main item is that cars are not supposed to be parked on the street or in the yard and must solely be parked in driveway or garage.

Therefore, the board, in its concern for the safety of the members of its community and with full knowledge of its obligation to enforce the restrictions, resolves that any and all owners and tenants and guests of owners and tenants who park on the streets in Bridgeford Oaks may be subjected to compliance notifications and enforcement actions which include but not limited to fines and referral for legal mediation and court resolution.

We realize that compliance to this regulation may be burdensome. Many residents will need to clear out their garage to make room for their vehicle(s). Unfortunately, the streets in Bridgeford are narrow and not designed to be used as a parking facility. Please park your vehicle(s) in your driveway or in your garage. Do not park vehicles in the yard or on the street.

Please reference the Community’s complete deed restrictions at our website You may also contact us from the site as well.

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